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Scrum Team – An self-organized and cross-functional team

Scrum aims to maximize the value of people working together and the vehicle of Scrum is the Scrum Team. A Scrum Team plans, executes, and control its own work without any one individual managing their work.

The team contains only three roles, the Product Owner, the Scrum Master, and Developer. It must have a minimum of three and maximum of nine Developers so that the team can have all skills necessary to create the product therefore it is a cross-functional team.

Scrum – A new way of leading by coaching

In Scrum the Project Manager role is eliminated, though there are still management positions and the Scrum Master is one of them. The Scrum Master manages the implementation of Scrum. The team needs to be structured and empowered to become self-organised and cross-functional. A leadership role is introduced to teach and coach people about the concepts and other elements of Scrum.

This leadership model is called servant-leader.