Hi there, I’m Adelina.

I’m a management consultant and project manger. When I’m not working, I’m involved in different volunteer activities.

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I’m passionate about management consulting and project management and I want to share the information I consider useful. I love to write articles on my blog, and I’d love for you to check them out. Head over to my blog to take a look.

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I’m always looking for a new challenge. If you think I’d be a good fit for your next project, let’s have a chat and see where it goes!

I’m Passionate

I am passionate about consulting and project management and I’m just as passionate about helping clients! I truly care about my clients success. It makes me happy to make others happy, and I know that I want put all my passion and skills into my career as management consultant.

Expertly Trained

I studied Management for 3 years, and I continued my studies with a 2 years Master in Management consulting and business development. Right now I’m studying for PSM Certification. Everything I learned goes into every project I start.

I’m confident

I know that a great consultant can get tough feedback, experience set-backs and make difficult decisions. It is not an easy job, and l’m always trying to motivate my team to keep chugging along and provide them with solutions to the problems ahead. I can push through these barriers with confidence!

I’m a ‘people person’

I have been working with different teams and multiple clients, I’m able to remove the barrier between myself and my clients to build trust and confidence. I feel comfortable working in different environments and with different people on a daily basis.

I’m resourceful

I like to work with different people, and I know when to ask for advice, and where to find the right information. I’m not scared to ask for help and I consider that building a strong team synergy is essential for our success.

I’m willing to go the extra mile, and then some

Solving problems, influencing my clients and creating innovative ideas are what I love the most about management consulting. I enjoy getting lots done for my clients and I’m thankful to be part of their success.

Drop me a line!

I’m accepting new collaboration proposals through the rest of the year. Please drop me a line and we’ll get started with your next project!