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Do you think is it the right time for you to make a career change?

Nowadays people seek to change careers for different reasons. It is a difficult decision to make because you worked hard to reach you actual position inside a company and now an opportunity very tempting is right before your door. So, you have to decide if you want to collect the fruit of your existing tree or if you are ready to plant a new one.

Before to take any action it is highly recommended to make a profound analysis taking into consideration the following aspects: 

  • analyse yourself
  • evaluate your current job satisfaction
  • set up your professional objectives
  • set up your personal objectives

What it takes to successfully relaunch your career – 10 steps?

  1. Accept That No Shortcuts Exist
  2. Commit To A Steady March
  3. Take Small Actions, Even Imperfect Ones
  4. Explore Without Expectation
  5. Embrace Your Unique Journey
  6. Selectively Craft Your New Narrative
  7. Avoid Relying Solely On Your Existing Network
  8. Define Your Clear Walk-Away Point
  9. Pursue Energy Instead Of Passion
  10. Trust Your Instincts